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Kalin’s Google Eye Hair Jig

Category: Kalin's

While most jigs fall too fast, Kalin’s Google Eye Hair Jig glides and allows the patented “Glass Rattle” Shock wave System to call in big fish and trigger strikes!  The Rattin’ Google Eye is paired with a bucktail that is easier for fish to see as it slowly falls.  Bucktail hair fibers, unlike synthetic counterparts, are thick at one end and thinner at the other. The taper is a natural profile and produces realistic undulating action to trigger more bites in all water types.  No need to buy any live bait…save you money and buy more Kalin’s Google Eye Hair Jigs!!  Put this in your tackle box now!!

One way to fish with a hair jig is to cast the hair jig and wait until it hits the bottom before snapping your rod tip upward. Relax and let it sink to the bottom again. Repeat as you reel the jig back…catch a fish!

Kalin’s Google Eye Hair Jig Features:

  • Patented “Glass Rattle” Shockwave System designed to call fish in and trigger more bites
  • Hair Jigs glide while other jig combinations fall faster
  • Natural profile and realistic action
  • Qty. per Pack: 1


  • 1/4 oz
  • 3/8 oz
  • 1/2 oz
  • Multiple colors

Kalin’s Google Eye Hair Jig Colors:

  • Black
  • Firetiger
  • Purple
  • Purple/Black
  • Purple/Brown
  • Purple/Chartreuse
  • Purple/White
  • Yellow/White

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