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The intrigue series of ultra-smooth, ultralight deluxe spinning reels are great for your ultra light rods in the summer and your ultra light graphite jigs poles in the winter.
HT Deluxe Mini Bait Cast Reel

Price is $6.89
Stillfish Reel
P/N S-12

Price is $5.49
Intrigue Ultralight Spinning Reel
P/N IS-053RC (3BB)

Price is $12.99

Slab Stopper ReelIntrique Fishing Reel

Deluxe Rattle Reel

Ice Fishing Reels/Replacement Reels 

HT Deluxe Mini Bait Cast Reel

Stillfish Reel

Masterpiece Ultralight Spinning Reel

Micro Tundra Spinning Reel

HT World's Smallest Level Wind Reel

HT Ice Reel bulk bag of reelsAccucast Reels

Ultralight Ice ReelPolar Fire XT Uce Fly ReelIce Fly Fishing/Tightline Reels

Stillfish ReelAccucast Ultralight Spinning ReelAccucast Ultralight Spinning ReelWorld's Smallest Level Wind Reel! Star drag system, (3) three ball bearings, infinite anti-reverse, machined aluminum spool, wood barrel style paddle, gear ratio: 4.2.1, level wind retrieve system.HT Proficiency Reel

HT Deluxe Mini Bait Cast ReelMaster Piece Ultralight spinning reel, infinite anti reverse, machined aluminum handle with wooden knob, machined aluminum vented spool, 6 ball bearings, gear ratio 4:2:1Micros Tundra Spinning reel is a special zinc drive gear, machined pinion gear, automatic bail trip, an ultimate reel for ultra light and micro action rods for summer or winter fishing. 4 ball bearing, gear ratio 5:2:1. Only 4.8 ounces.The Accucast Ultralight Spinning Reels feature HT Excllusive Design even while wearing gloves, liquid smooth drag, multi bearing retrieve, comforable soft rubber paddle handle. Direct to guide technology! New reel design! Gear ratio is 5.2:1Proficiency reel has machined aluminum spool with a super grip soft paddle, 8 ball bearings, gear ratio: 4.7:1, front drag model, 1 way clutch.Pro DX Ice Fishing ReelLightweight premium carbon fiber body. Keep your line coil free when using this reel positive drag system. Great for pencil style grip when using your favorite ice rod. Catch the big one using this super deluxe reel.HT Fishing Reels

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