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Marmooska Tungsten Fly Jigs

HT Marmooska
Tungsten Jigs
P/N MJFB-14A (size 14)
Card of 2 Jigs
Price is $4.50
Some of the jigs featured here are from Sharx Fishing Tackle in Latvia. They are marketed by HT Enterprises. Allows the hook to pivot freely when a fish bites. Tiny spoons, or in the case, tungsten headed lures, with pivoting #14 to #18 hooks increase hooking success when panfish are barely mouthing a lure. Using a tungsten jig the size of a mosquito, yet heavier than a lead jig twice its size also helps convert difficult fish. A 1-gram tungsten jig weighs about 1/28 ounce, slightly heavier than the 1/32 ounce jig you might cast for summer crappies. On 2 pound line, the jig feels like a miniature anchor-yet with its tiny dimensions it slips easily into the mouth of a panfish. Hook angle also influences hooking success. The 60 degree hook angle is optimal for hooking tentative panfish that often feed by slowly swimming upward.
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