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Fall, every Sportsman’s favorite time of the year. That’s when dreams can come true. It may be hunting elk in the high country or whitetail from Florida to Wisconsin, pheasant in the plains of the Dakotas, ducks in marshland or rabbits in Maine. Fish start to feed heavily in preparation for the cold period when their metabolism slows and it harder to chase down food. In most cases fall is the best time to get that wall hanger.

Now is also the time to net the big one. Is the cold period the time of year to stop fishing?  No if you live in the ice belt this is the time for ice fishing.

Welcome to www.extacklestore.com your Internet stop for Extreme Tackle where we can fulfill all your ice fishing tackle needs. We are your factory direct outlets for HT Enterprises the world’s larges manufacturer of ice fishing tackle. If they make it we’ve got it.  Extreme Tackle not only sells ice fishing tackle we also sell products we feel are associated with fishing being open water or ice fishing. Every day we are looking to add more products to make Extreme Tackle your one stop-shopping store with the best prices.

Have a safe and successful ice fishing season.

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Thanks and take me fishing.


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