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ACME Rattlin Walleye Spinner Rig

Category: ACME Jig

ACMEs Rattlin’ Walleye Spinner Rig brings the innovation and technology of the Rattlin’ Spinmaster to create the industry’s first ever crawler harness style trolling rig that rattles. The Rattlin’ Spinner Rig features the same patented hexagonal rattle chamber technology that is on the Rattlin’ SpinMaster. The chamber is driven by the spin of the blade to produce a loud vibration and rattle that mimics feeding baitfish. Outfitted with high quality hardware this rig is sure to be the deadliest on the market. 1 per pack.

ACME Rattlin’ Walleye Spinner Rig Features:

  • Size 4 Blade has Size 2 & 4 Octopus Hooks
  • Size 5 Blade has Size 2 Octopus Hooks (2)

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