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HT Ice Blue Ice Rod

Category: Ice Fishing Rods

HT Ice Blue Super Flex Rod

The HT Ice Blue Super Flex Rod series is famous for it ultra lite action and VERY affordable price tag.   This lightweight jigging rod is equipped with a Corkalon handle and black plastic rings to secure the reel of your choice.  The rod blank is blue in color with dark blue guide wrappings and an ultra lite “Fast Action” fluorescent orange tip.  This series has a sensitive spring bobber-like rod tip for those light biting fish.  Never miss a bite and put more panfish on the ice with the HT Ice Blue Rod.

HT Ice Blue Rod Features

  • Translucent fiberglass ultralight action rods
  • Premium EVA corkalon handle with rings
  • Fluorescent orange tip

HT Ice Blue Rod Specs

  • IB 18 = 18″
  • IB 24 = 24″
  • IB 30 = 30″
  • IB 36 = 36″
  • IB 48 = 48″

Also available in a HT Ice Blue Jigging Rod Combo.

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