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Ice Stopper System

Category: Ice Stopper, Tip-Ups Accessories

Ice Stopper System

The Ice Stopper System keeps lines from freezing into the hole and keeps them moving freely.  This is a unique product that stops ice from forming on your line & rod eyelets when jigging.  This product will reduce the need for frequent ice hole cleaning.
Use the Ice Stopper System with tip-downs or auto hook setters (like the HT Striker Pro Hookmaster) to ensure your line stays free while fishing is sub-freezing temps.
The revolutionary Ice Stopper system virtually eliminates line issues due to sub-freezing temps.  The key to the system is a plastic reservoir that is filled with Ice Stopper solution (non-toxic) which won’t freeze until it reaches a temperature of -50 degrees!!!  Your line goes thru the reservoir (bobber) and the reservoir acts as a barrier between your line and the freezing condition.  The system amazingly keeps ice from forming on your line even under extremely cold conditions and keeps your lines, rod eyelets and reels ice free for hours on end.  With the patented Ice Stopper system, you can be sure your line will not freeze in your fishing hole. This allows you to detect the slightest bite. Watch your minnow twitch. When jigging, Ice Stopper also eliminates the inconvenience of having to constantly clean the ice off your line or rod eyelets, this allows all types of reels to work better in extreme ice fishing conditions.
Ice Stopper truly opens the door for more effective ice fishing techniques and set-ups.

Ice Stopper Features

  • Patented Plastic Reservoir (bobber)
  • Non-Toxic Solution
  • Rubber Line Stopper

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