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ACME Hyper-T Tungsten Jig

Category: ACME Jig

Acme Hyper-T Tungsten Jig

The NEW Acme® Hyper T Tungsten Jig is perfect for ice fishing, as it has built-in soft silicone wings on the side that give it the look of a small insect—the preferred under-ice forage.  All panfish, and especially big bluegills, feed heavily on insects when they’re available.  The Acme Hyper T unique wing system allows the jig to glide and dart with every rod twitch, and move in circles on the downstroke like a jigging minnow.  Fish alone, or tipped with bait; great for tough bites in open water too! Compact tungsten head; quality hook.  Put more fish on the ice this season with the Acme Hyper T Tungsten Jig.  Hmmm…fish fry!

Acme Hyper-T Tungsten Jig Features

  • First small tungsten jig with soft wings
  • Bug profile appeals to all panfish
  • Easy to work—glides, darts, swims in circles
  • Compact tungsten head; quality hook
  • Can be tipped with a spike, waxie, or minnow head

Acme Hyper-T Tungsten Jig Colors

  • Bumble Green
  • Da Shiz
  • Firetiger
  • Glow
  • Gold Nugget
  • Wonderbread
  • Pink Wonderbread
  • Pink Chartreuse

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