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ACME Jack Knife Jig

Category: ACME Jig

Acme Jack Knife Jig (2 Pack)

The Acme Jack Knife jig is revolutionary in both design and action. Featuring a free-swinging hook that pivots and moves from side to side.  In addition, a smaller hook is mounted on the side of the mail hook and allows you to tail hook your favorite live minnow and watch it swim!  Add to the Jack Knife Jig the Acme Rattlin Google Eye glass rattle that calls in fish and this is a MUST HAVE for all serious (or not so serious) fisherman.  Sold as a 2 Pack.

Acme Jack Knife Jig Features

  • “Pendu” type free swinging hook
  • Separate smaller tail hook
  • Acme Rattlin Google Eye
  • 1/4 oz
  • 3/8 oz

Acme Jack Knife Jig Colors

  • Blue Glow Splash
  • Chartreuse Glow Splash
  • Firetiger Glow
  • Glow Splash
  • Gold Nugget
  • Pink Glow Splash
  • Purple Glow Splash
  • White Glow Splash

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