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KALIN’S Slip Bobber

Category: Kalin's

KALIN’S Slip Bobber

Kalin’s slip bobber features a new easy-thread tube design that allows you to slide your line through the bobber without getting stuck.  This saves you time and frustration!  The slip bobber is designed and weighted for superior performance and allows you to cast longer distances.  Of course, Kalin’s high quality paint ensures the top of bobber is painted with a high-vis yellow color to make it easy to see from great distances.  Make sure to pair this with Kalin’s Live Bait Jig (which was designed with Tom Boley to pair with this bobber).  Slip bobber is available in a 1/4oz or 1/2oz design.  1 per Pack.

KALIN’S Slip Bobber Features:

  • Easy-Thread Tube Design
  • Weighted For Superior Performance
  • High Quality, High-Vis Yellow Paint
  • 1 per Pack

KALIN’S Slip Bobber Sizes:

  • KSB14:  1/4 oz
  • KSB12:  1/2 oz

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