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KALIN’S Tickle Ned Leech

Category: Kalin's

KALIN’S Tickle Ned Leech

Kalin’s Tickle Ned Leech crawls out from under the morass of finesse baits to become an adaptable Ned rig bait for bass fishing! The 3″ Tickle Ned Leech for walleye and bass fishing evolved into a bait for finesse fishing techniques by developing a light mushroom-style head. This head design helps keep the small plastic leech-shaped worm afloat off the bottom. As it rises, the Kalin Tickle bait displays its appendages, creating a crawdad impression to interest predators. Effective on a drop shot rig, the Ned Tickle Leech is one of the most versatile finesse baits you can find!

KALIN’S Tickle Ned Leech Features:

  • Walleye and bass finesse bait for Ned rigs
  • Can also use for drop shot techniques
  • Light mushroom-style head
  • Tickle appendages
  • Mimics a leech, worm, or crawdad
  • Quantity per pack: 8

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