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HT Little Jigger Combos (Wood Handle)

Category: Ice Fishing Combos

HT Little Jigger Jig Pole

HT Little Jigger Jig Poles are rigged and ready to use.  The Little Jigger Jig Pole is a 28″ long jig pole which features a varnished hardwood handle.  Available in two actions, the PSG-28 (medium action) and PSG-28UL (ultra lite action).    The Jig pole comes equipped with graphite composite rod blank w/orange tip, 4 lb. test line, bobber and hook.  The wood handle design has made this jig pole popular among DIY tip-down builders.

Pair your tip-down set up with the Ice Stopper System to ensure an ice-free hole.  Also available as a Little Jigger with a Plastic Handle.

HT Little Jigger Jig Pole Features

  • Varnished hardwood handle
  • Graphite composite rod blank
  • Visible orange tip
  • Pre-set with 4lb line, hook and bobber


  • Length: 28″
  • Action:
    • PSG-28: Medium
    • PSG-28UL: Ultra lite

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