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Livingston Ice Fishing Caller

SKU: Ice Fish Caller
Category: Jigs and Lures

Livingston Ice Fishing Caller- Discover the next great secret in baits

Livingston Lures’ revolutionized the fishing lure industry with their electronic Bait Fish Sounds in every lure! Now, Livingston Lures introduces the Ice Fishing Caller. This unit can be used for ice fishing, in deep water, shallow water, rivers, lakes, oceans ect. Livingston Lures has done extensive testing of the unit for a couple of years from coast to coast, and time after time the Ice Fishing Caller called in the fish!!!
Drop the unit to a desired depth, sit back and watch your unit start marking fish. The rest is up to you to pull them in!
Works for freshwater, saltwater and brackish waters.

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