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Marmooska Tungsten Dancer Jigs

Category: Marmooska Tungsten Jigs

Discover HT Marmooska Tungsten Dancer Jigs, made in Latvia!

Some of the jigs featured here are from Sharx Fishing Tackle in Latvia. They are marketed by HT Enterprises. Allows the hook to pivot freely when a fish bites. Tiny spoons, or in the case, tungsten headed lures, with pivoting #14 to #18 hooks increase hooking success when panfish are barely mouthing a lure. Using a tungsten jig the size of a mosquito, yet heavier than a lead jig twice its size also helps convert difficult fish. A 1-gram tungsten jig weighs about 1/28 ounce, slightly heavier than the 1/32 ounce jig you might cast for summer crappies. On 2 pound line, the jig feels like a miniature anchor-yet with its tiny dimensions it slips easily into the mouth of a panfish. Hook angle also influences hooking success. The 60 degree hook angle is optimal for hooking tentative panfish that often feed by slowly swimming upward.

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