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Snyder’s Legacy Rocket Spoons

Category: Jigs and Lures, Snyder's Legacy and Lures

Discover Snyder’s Legacy and Lures Rocket Spoons!

The Rocket Spoon is a versatile lure that is designed for both soft and hard water fishing. In the summer months it has an enticing swimming action that is unmatched, and the unbelievable fluttering action when jigged provides you with the perfect all season lure that has impressed even the toughest critics.

Made from solid brass, the Rocket Spoon will endure the demands placed upon it and the performance will exceed your expectations. Coming from the hands of legendary lure designer Gary Snyder is one of the best spoons he has ever done.

The classic Spinner lure as also returned. With a variety of color combinations, this dependable jigging lure is a must have staple for any tackle box.

All Rocket Spoons come in 1/8 oz and 1/16 oz weights and have a #4 red hook.

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