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HT Explorer Mammoth Tip-Up



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SKU: 029333992097
Category: HT Tip-Ups

Discover HT Explorer Mammoth Tip-up

The HT Enterprises Explorer Mammoth Tip-Up series has ultra-smooth trip mechanism, super high flag for easy visibility, deluxe dual rail wood frame and a metal easy flow spool.  The Explorer Mammoth Tip-Up has a DUAL RAIL design and a spool with 500′ capacity.  On top of that it folds up for easy transporting.

Originally designed to handle deep snow, the HT Explorer Tip-ups have proven both efficient and effective in all conditions.  The ultra-sensitive trip system includes HT’s Therma-Lube lubrication for smooth operation in all conditions. The aluminum spool features a large arbor design for fast line retrieval while the tension adjustment allows for delicate tuning of the spool’s drag.

HT Explorer Mammoth Tip-Up Specs:

  • Solid dual rail design
  • When set-up flag measures 12 1/2″ over ice
  • When flag is up, flag reaches an amazing 30″ high


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