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HT Polar Pop-Up Magnetic Tip Up

Category: HT Tip-Ups

Discover The Original HT Polar Pop-Up Magnetic Tip-Up

The Original HT Polar Pop-Up Magnetic Tip-Up features the POP-UP’s patented magnetic trip mechanism which is freeze-proof, so you’ll never have to worry about below-zero temperatures affecting your success again. The line and trip mechanism are not exposed to the elements, eliminating “wind flags” that plague other designs.  Set the “adjustable tension” light for panfish, medium for walleye and heavy in deep water for lake trout and northern pike. The highly visible reflective top allows you to see when the flag is down in the “set position” or when the flag POPs-UP in the “bite position”.  Once you set the hook the POP-UP’s specially designed spool winder lets you wind up your line easily.  The easy-to-grip knurled spool lock is designed for adjusting tension and for locking the spool when storing.  The larger Magnum Polar Pop-Up features a hole cover and has extra large 1,500′ spool with handle.

Simply unlock the cap, open the legs, unlock the spool and bait up! That’s all there is to it. And packing up is just as easy.

Available Sizes

  • Standard size (200′ Spool): PP-2L
  • Large “Magnum” (1500′ Spool): PPM-1500

Polar Pop-Up Features

  • Wind / Freeze / Snow Proof
  • Adjustable and foldable tri-pod legs
  • Adjustable Tensioner (drag)
  • Spool Winder
  • Spool Lock

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