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Visit HT Enterprises website to view their catalog. This site provides tools so Hi-Tech Fishing dealer and distributors can browse and search for products You cannot purchase product from them, but can view products and contact us to order any product in. First visit our website for high demand product that we have ready to ship to your house. That will help prepare you for that fishing trip to catch the big fish!
Also when visiting HT Enterprise web site check out "Tom's Tips" and the helpful informational video's.
Videos on HT Products : Assembly Videos, Ice Safety, Clothing, Choosing the Right Tip-Up or Trap, Tip-Up Rigging & Operation Explained, Ice Rods Explained, Reels Explained, Understanding Ice Fishing Lines, Working with Strike Indicators & Spring Bobbers, Rigging Tips before Hitting the Ice, Popular Knots for Ice Fishing, Carry Bags & Totes for Ice Fishing.
All presented to you by Author and Pro Fishermen Tom Gruenwald.
Link to watch "Gruenwald Outdoors"

Any other new product request from HT Enterprises website contact us!
New fishing shows coming on website featuring "Tom Gruenwald Outdoors"

Long-time lure designer Gary Snyder who owned several tackle companies and created Jig-A-Whopper product line, among others, is back in action after a decade of working outside of fishing. His most recent product line is marked under the brand name Snyder's Lures & Legacy. Extreme Tackle is proud to being carrying some of his new Lures.

Extreme Tackle New Products for the 2016/2017 Season. If you have any questions please call 1-262-689-5583.

Please leave a message and we will get back to you. 


HT Insta Shak Ice Shelters OR HT Polar Fire Ice Shelters

We now offer UPS and United States Postal Service you choose, check rates.

Call if you have any questions about shipping.

Jimmy Houston Bass Fishing Rods                       Chatter Spoons                                      Oxy-Max Air Pump

Snyder's Lures & Legacy NEW! Froggit Jigs       Snyder's Lures & Legacy Rocket Spoons    Jig-A-Whopper Summer Spinning Rod

Hard Core Bait Containers 3" & 5" Sizes              HT Polar Fire Blue Rod Combos         HT Polar Pop-Up Magnetic Tip-Up

HT Red Hot Series Combo                                        HT Summer Rods                                    Reels Jimmy Houston Rods,

Jimmy Houston Bass Rods                                      Arctic Bay SLX Series                             Bob Izumi Series Rods

Marmooska Tungston Jigs                                       Proficiency PRF-108AB Reel                 Accucast Spinning Reels

HT Enticer Ultralite Rod                                              HT Proficiency Lite Rod                          Shooting Star Telescopic Poles

 HT The Original Ice Rigger                                        Sudden Impact Baits                                Instashak Kit

Frontier Sleds/ Polar Snow Sled/                             Touge Rods                                                 Larger selection of shelters

Jig-A-Whopper and other new accessories          Shanti-Stix Ice Rods                                 Trout Page-with new rods

Catfish Rods

Panfish Rods


Jimmy Houston Bass Rod Page

Jimmy Houston Panfish Rod Page
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