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Tip-Up Tower


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SKU: 612789148974
Category: Tip-Ups Accessories
Do you tip-up fish?  Do you keep your tip-ups in a bucket?  Are your tip-ups ever tangled in that bucket?  The patented Tip-Up tower is hands down the best way to organize and store your tip-ups.  The patented double ring design locks in and securely holds up to six plank style.  Most major brand name tip-ups lock into the gated system with a simple “snap”.  Once tip-ups are securely fastened, you can tip your bucket upside down and the tip-ups will stay in place!!  Will fit both five and six gallon buckets and the handle of your bucket will remain up-right and accessible.  The center of your bucket will remain open allowing you to store other items, such as a skimmer or gaf.  Protect and organize your gear today!

Tip-Up Tower Features:

  • Securely fastens tip-ups into bucket
  • Fits five or six gallon buckets
  • Most major brands will fit (Beaver Dam, HT Polar, Frabil Wood, etc…)
  • The Handle of your bucket remains up and usable
  • The center of your bucket remains open
  • Comes with all needed hardware to mount into your bucket

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