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HT Deluxe Retractable Polar Picks


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SKU: 029333034728
Category: HT Ice Safety Treads, Misc Accessories

HT Deluxe Retractable Polar Picks

It can happen at any time on the ice – that’s why you should keep a set of HT Enterprises Deluxe Retractable Polar Ice Picks handy at all times. If you should break through, they’ll provide solid purchase on slick ice, giving you the means to pull yourself to safety. Designed with super-grip EVA handles, these lightweight picks feature retractable heads that cover the sharp spikes when not in use. Simply feed the non-stretch, extra-long lanyard around your neck and down each arm for quick access at a moment’s notice. A smart investment for any ice angler.

HT Deluxe Retractable Polar Picks

  • A must-have for every ice angler
  • Allows you to pull yourself to safety
  • Light, compact, easy to carry
  • Retractable heads cover sharp picks
  • Super-grip EVA handles
  • Non-stretch, extra-long lanyard
  • PLD-10

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