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HT Polar Tip Ups

Category: HT Tip-Ups

Discover HT Polar Tip-Ups-Stronger than wood!

HT Ice Fishing Polar Tip-Up Features
Ultra smooth, multiple-designed Trip Shaft. Guaranteed not to “Freeze-Up” in sub zero temps.  Frame has unique V-Shape for easy removal from ice. Unique LINEGUIDE designed for easy in and out placement, yet LINEGUIDE holds line in while fishing. Ends on frame for fast line pick-up. The FLAG WIRE is on a slight angle so it can be placed on either side of TRIP SHAFT for light or heavier trips for the use of larger bait. Three holes in bottom of reel for hooking your hook to keep leaders straight. Entire unit weighs only 11 3/4 oz. for easy transport. Polar Tip-Ups made of solid, high-impact black or orange plastic material that is STRONGER THAN WOOD. (All PTU or PTE Tip-Ups have [Wind trip] free wire).


HT Electronic Polar Tip-Up uses a drag-less magnet system that trips the light and sound upon a bite! The signal is off when a magnet in the trip shaft is lined up with a magnet in the signal device. When a fish pulls the line turning the trip shaft, the light and sounds alert the bite! When the fish runs with the bait, the light and sound is “on & off” with the action of the fish. Now the fisherman can see and hear what the fish is doing under the ice from a distance.

Guaranteed Against Freeze-Up!
All of the features of the Original Polar Tip-Up!

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