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Snyder’s Legacy Willow Daddy Spoon


Snyder’s Willow Daddy Lures comes in size #8 & # 10. They have many colors, see below.

Category: Jigs and Lures, Snyder's Legacy and Lures

Here is a Jigging Spoon with “attitude”! Snyder’s Willow Spoons are all hand soldered and hand painted with hot fish catching colors.

With the two flipper blades near the hook, the Willow Spoon becomes double trouble on all game fish. The lures have plated backs including gold, silver and copper; with some sporting one of 5 glow colors. There are multiple color patterns to choos from.  Available with #8 or #10 hook sizes.

Snyder’s Willow Spoon Features:

  • High quality paint
  • Two flipper blades
  • Plated back for extra “sparkle”

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